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Q: What’s brown and rhymes with “SNOOP”?

A: DR. DRE !

The word “rhyme” usually connotes correspondence in the terminal sound of two words. In this instance the word “SNOOP” rhymes with:






However, for the purposes of the joke, the word “rhyme” actually refers to the ACT of rhyming, in which case, the joker/jokee can choose from a catalog of talented, swarthy-complexioned people who have, over the years, contributed their talents to rap artist “SNOOP” Dogg‘s musical endeavors. Dr. Dre is a great choice, as they both collaborated on the instantly recognizable 90s hip-hop piece “Nuthin’ But a G Thang“.

A more aesthetically pleasing version of the video features Sofia Vergara, Naya Rivera, and the delicious Heather Morris.

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Q: A star accidentally collides with a black hole. What does the black hole say to the star?

A: Sir, I don’t think you appreciate the gravity of the situation.

This man certainly appreciated the gravity of the situation

A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape due to the near-infinite strength of its gravitational pull.

So, when our star accidentally crossed paths with the black hole, its light was absorbed by the gravitational pull of the black hole. The word “gravity” also means “seriousness.” Hence, the black hole, taking the reasonable assumption that the star wasn’t aware that it had just collided into a black hole, was kind enough to inform the star that it did not appreciate the gravity of the situation, i.e. the star was about to die, due to, well, gravity.

So, remember, gravity always wins. Even against Google.

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Q: What theory is famous in soccer?


Thierry Henry

Monsieur Henry is proficient in sign language: Here he signals that a bird is about to fly into a wall

Thierry Henry is a renowned soccer player from France. Currently with New York Red Bulls, he has also played for European giants Barcelona and Juventus but was most prolific during his tenure at Le Arsenal: 174 goals in 254 games.

His first name sounds like the word “Theory”.

Henry occasionally moonlights as an amateur volleyball player.

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Q: What is the most reckless food in the world?


The word “wanton” can  mean “reckless”, e.g. “The kitchen became a scene of wanton destruction when Chef Wan found someone peeing in his soup”.

“WANTON SOUP” sounds like “wonton soup“, a traditional Chinese dish commonly made from ground shrimp or pork.

Wonton Soup” is also a catchy little ditty by prolific Bay Area rapper Lil B.

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